Signs and Wonders

These forest fires worsen instead of abating in valiant onslaughts of our fire fighters. The sun has become an orange orb stuck in ashy skies, as though some artist has wrapped it in orange tissue paper to create orange shadows across the ground. Grey haze reminded me of  early fog on a September morning until brown tinge developed, right before my eyes.

We have begun wearing respiratory masks when we venture out. Some of us report fine ash falling on our heads. It’s almost like the summer of 1980 following the eruption of Mt. Helens.

Meanwhile, as Texas continues recovering from Hurricane Harvey, the Florida peninsula battens down for Hurricane Irma, said to be the worst storm ever to hit the United States mainland, at least in recorded history. Where can our cousins down there escape except mid-state and hope for the best?

Moreover, the worst sun flare since 1859 erupted yesterday, according to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Its effects on earth are expected to hit the atmosphere tomorrow. Humans and pets are protected, but the electric grids could experience electromagnetic disturbances, the report stated.

I will sow portents in the sky and on earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke; the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon into blood. ~ Joel 2:30-31

Nevertheless, . . . see that you are not alarmed. Such things are bound to happen; but the end is yet to come. ~ Matthew 24:6b-7

And so we continue to pray and carry on.


Celebrating just over fifty years of holy matrimony, I am blessed to be a mother of two and grandmother of seven. Much of my writing speaks to the culture and tradition of the Deep South, where I spent the first thirty-five years of my life before relocating to the Pacific Northwest. As a poet and essayist, I’ve published both online and in print media. I launched this INVITATION TO THE GARDEN blog the summer of 2017 on I look forward to hearing your stories, too!

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