Wordless Wednesday

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Author: www.rosesintherainmemoir.wordpress.com

Celebrating just over fifty years of holy matrimony, I am blessed to be a mother of two and grandmother of seven. Much of my writing speaks to the culture and tradition of the Deep South, where I spent the first thirty-five years of my life before relocating to the Pacific Northwest. As a poet and essayist, I’ve published both online and in print media. I launched this INVITATION TO THE GARDEN blog the summer of 2017 on WordPress.com. I look forward to hearing your stories, too!

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

    1. It’s a dragonfly, Joni. I just now found your comment as I was reviewing my recent posts. Dragonflies used to be plentiful during the summer months. However, with so much agricultural insecticide spraying in nearby orchards, both dragonfly and bee populations have dropped. I still get a Western Tiger Swallowtail visitor most summer mornings, tasting everything in sight, then an evening sail through the gardens.


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