Diana’s Garden

The statue, designed by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley and unveiled today, will provide a lasting memory of the princess

Memories of the beloved late Princess Diana of Wales continues on nearly two dozen years after her tragic death. Last week, the first of July on what would have been her 60th birthday, her sons unveiled a bronze statue in her honor, recently erected at one end of the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace. Extensive renovations included a long reflecting pool and some of her favorite flowers as a space to reflect her life and legacy.

a small house in a garden: The Sunken Garden has been refreshed ahead of Prince William and Prince Harry's event on July 1 to honor their late mother.

The Sunken Garden was first designed and constructed in 1908 when this part of the gardens was previously occupied by potting sheds and greenhouses, according to Historic Royal Palaces (https://www.hrp.org.uk/kensington-palace). Kensington Palace was once a small and suburban villa, known as Nottingham House. William and Mary chose the mansion in 1689 to be their country retreat. Over the years, Stuart and Georgian monarchs transformed the palace into a fashionable home for Britain’s young royal families.

Colourful print which depicts a view of Kensington Palace from the south east with people strolling through the gardens.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles lived here after their wedding in 1981. Currently it is the residence of Prince William and his family. Look carefully in the photo below to find the Sunken Garden. It’s located upper center right.

Slide 11 of 11: London’s Kensington Palace currently houses more than 10 members of the royal family and has been a royal residence since the 1600s. The Kensington Palace grounds include a range of separate properties, from humble cottages to Apartment 1A occupied by Prince William and his family.
a close up of a tree: kensingotn palace
a plant in a garden: kensington palace

Photo credit: Handout - Getty Images
Photo credit: Handout - Getty Images
Photo credit: Handout - Getty Images

Princes William and Harry worked closely with the team at Kensington Palace to re-design the garden, filling it with glorious scented blooms loved by their adored mother

Diana's hands are gently placed on the shoulders of two of the three children - a boy and a girl, with the girl holding the princess's hand

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One thought on “Diana’s Garden”

  1. That was interesting Jo. I saw the statue on tv, but not a close-up of it, other than a few comments that they didn’t think it was a good likeness of her. I was surprised that all those other people lived in Kensington Palace too.


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